For me the medium is life and human experiences. The resulting byproducts are physical remnants of my artistic production. The cross media practice allows me the dexterity and freedom to work with life as a primary medium. The tactile form is an enabler which manifests a cognitive and sensory process which is my practice. In my art practice, human communication and interactions are the primary material which I employ to produce tactile outputs in the formats of  video, sculpture, installation, drawing, poetry, sound and performance. These manifested forms I call byproducts.

Both the cognitive connection and physical realization in a tactile form happens using artificial intelligence. Our world view is a constructed reality which we produce and consume to bring to existence our perceived reality- like a drawing. Fundamentally history, culture, myths and our own identities are all constructs of our imagination. The mind employs cognition to create references and actualize a reality. And inversely it becomes feasible to manipulate reality  through cognitive intervention. My art practice intends to explore human interactions in this context. This inversion of the established contexts reveal  hidden complex layers of the mind and senses.

I deploy UN as a non language narrative trope. When prefixed with a noun, adverb or adjective it lends a contrary meaning to the word. I use UN as a linguistic tool of my own making, to (un)layer the possible manifestations of my practice and artworks. By attaching these two alphabets, the word becomes potent with dual meaning. I superimpose this usage so both the evident outcome and hidden processes can manifest together. UN also intends to infer the broad spectrum of meanings, both binaries and polarities, that can be constructed in our minds and manifested in physical form.