Mit i sny (Myth and Dreams)2018

Mit i sny (Myth and Dreams) 2018

City Gallery Arsenal, Poznan, Poland

This project is a linguistic reimagination of an ‘unknown’ culture and language, to create a new story analogous to the popular Polish daily soap, M jak milosc.

It plays tricks on cultural presumptions which are irrevocably conditioned in our memory. The unmythifying of cultural ownership and the cross-cultural exchange of similar and dissimilar aspects interacts with the personal, blurring the borders between language and the visual worlds through reinterpretation and deconstruction. The ambiguous amalgamation of elements become either factual or illusory.

The observation of characters through body language and extra-diegetic sounds; the renaming with Indian names; the digital manipulation of sound and visual, erases the original story to subsequently become independent SUBTITLES.

This new non-linear narrative follows both the child and the adult’s complex emotions and similar struggles. Their contradicting perception of the world allows the coexistence of varying experiences within the same visual framework.