Ahh Taj!!! 2011, 2015

2011, Zacheta Museum, Warsaw, Poland
2011, CAC (Contemporary Art Centre), Lithuania
2015, Art-Science Museum, Singapore

“Ahh Taj!!” presented a fragmented and dissociated depiction of India’s iconic symbol of cultural grandeur, the Taj Mahal. Deconstructed and drawn onto different parts of the museum, Taj Mahal lost its identity through this process of irregular distribution of its cenotaph in different rooms of the museum spread onto non-exhibiting but un-ignored spaces.

It questioned the issue of identity with an attempt to ironize the tag of associated “Indian-ness” evoking a range of memories of history and identity of a specific culture. The experience provoked viewers to further explore and challenge their own ideas of ‘identity’.

Visitors received souvenirs of a piece of marble at the exhibition that served as a symbol, not just of the broken Taj, but also of the cliché of branding one’s nationality.