Sounding Drawing

Sounding Drawing 2017

HH residency, Goa 2017

Exploring and inverting the processes that manifest sound, language and performance, a new apparatus is created to produce forms and lines. The resulting (un)coding is a drawing.

Sound, language and performance has been a part of my practice. I like to see sound as a drawing, the tactile line may be absent but you can follow a linear progression of a frequency to make a drawing in your mind. For Goa, this was my point of departure- to capture the frequency of sounds. I used my body to create sound and its manifestations in different realms. My spoken voice travelled from a mic to a mixer, from where it was transferred to the speaker. The resulting tactile vibration on the speaker top was conveyed through my hand on paper. The tip of the pencil (un)became. Rather than mindfully drawing on the surface of the paper placed atop the speaker, I let the hand become a tool which simply translated the frequency of the vibration into intelligible patterns on the paper- thus manifesting a drawing. I was exploring and inverting the processes where software produce ‘readings’ on vibrations. I used hardware to create a new apparatus- creating forms and lines which someday in the future would be (un)coded.