MOU (Museum of Unbelongings)2011-2018

MOU (Museum of Unbelongings) 2011-2018

2018 Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany

2016 Art Unlimited, Basel, Switzerland
2015 Queens Museum, New York, USA
2011 Lalit Kala Akademi,  Delhi, India

The abandoned, impermanent and unusual belongings are seen as bodies full of un-acknowledged, unseen memories and stories invested in them…

The idea of archiving lies in the collection of sensations and emotions driven by the subconscious and not manipulated by the burden of culture and learned knowledge. MOU achieves this objective by forming a personal archive that has no definite space in official history.

The ordinary, even insignificant objects in a museum-like showcase constitute an archive of everyday life, of cultural memory beyond the objects’ historical identities. They are a record of a life, a history of vernacular culture, and a symbolic archive of impermanence, drawn together at a single point of time. It also questions the politics around the idea of making history and archives. What is chosen to be part of the political, collective, popular history and what is suppressed- (un)acknowledged and (un)seen.

Personalized by individual names, morphed, re-arranged and entangled with each other, through each “child”, I experience the pleasures and burdens of attachment in an attempt to question the transient nature of existence. I  undertake the role of a collector, always absorbing images, words, emotions of humankind, seemingly little ephemeral things.