Ephemeral Affair 2006

Part of a project I was doing in Brazil, its is intrinsically linked to Being Anastasia which explored the idea of slavery and silencing women’s voices. I was meeting and engaging with the local women in Brazil and exchanging stories and experiences. The popular culture, similar to India, suppresses the voices of women, objectifying their bodies- seeing then as a source of pleasure, without a deeper voice. Like Anastasia, the contemporary voices and those before them are suppressed. For the video, my face was in focus, the expressions contorting, leaving much to the viewer’s imagination- is it pain or pleasure. My voice is absent, instead there is a buzzing electrical noise that is a constant element of the video. Off camera, I was getting a tattoo on my hand. A scar that I desired. It was painful. My face was conveying the feelings, where I was resisting a voice. It could be seen and understood in multiple ways- just like an ephemeral affair.