Nothing lost in translation 2008, 2010

2008, MOMAT (Museum of Modern Art), Japan
curated by Kenjiro Hosaka
2010, Nature Morte, Berlin, Germany

Exotic, erotic and neurotic Japanese sub culture porno-graphic ‘Manga’ comics and its effects on the homogeneous Japanese society formed the core of this project.  Icut open the hidden desires of public psyche exploring the forbidden treasure of Manga.

A personal representation and cultural expression externalized through drawings, aimed to transform public attitudes, spur and increase aesthetic interchange, generating a new way of seeing and understanding. Many characters were kept ambiguous and androgynous in their presence, refusing to be dictated by cultural conformities relating to any immediate gender/race/class/cast/locality.

Unfortunately, the works got censored in SOMA museum while traveling to Seoul, Korea in 2009