Nothing lost in translation 2008

Nothing lost in translation 2008

Mixed media on Japanese Kozo papers

Size:  each (3.5 meters / 2.5 meters or 98.8″ x 142″)

MOMAT (Museum of Modern Art), Japan curated by Kenjiro Hosaka 2008
Nature Morte, Berlin, Germany 2010

A personal representation and cultural expression externalized through the drawings, aimed to transform public attitudes, spur and increase aesthetic interchange…

A series of monumental drawings developed from the exotic, erotic, and neurotic popular Japanese (porno)graphic  Manga comic characters blew into a surreal, out of proportion public overdose to facilitate a dialogue between the subculture of erotica and desire and the dominant projection of Japan’s homogeneous and upright values.

Unfortunately, the works got censored in SOMA museum while traveling to Seoul, Korea in 2009