Twilight Zone 2003

A site specific room installation is about a rape victim, created with light, sound and a bed.

To give a subjective response on this issue, I used  materials like hair and charcoal to denote a sense of physical repulsiveness. Four walls and the ceiling were scribbled by charcoal all over to break the feeling of a room and to make it most uncomfortable and inhospitable. The  black wooden bed is partially covered, almost like a mosquito net, with hanging false hair. A hand made textured stitched surface of a thin silk mattress and a pillow were placed on the bed, where my viewers were asked to lie down to experience the atmosphere. The blue bulbs made it more traumatic and scary. In the background the old hindi song by K L Saigal ‘so ja rajkumari’ was played- helping to create the melancholic atmosphere and also mocking the situation.