Aphasia 2016

Aphasia 2016

Take 4: Thinking Practice
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum & Asia Society Museum, New York

Being invited for a presentation to talk about my practice, I performed Aphasia- a challenge to the given conduct of things that conveniently pass as normal and to unconstruct the notion of self-presence!

Subverting the 15+4 minutes timeframe into a film to humorously explain my art-making process, I used the invite text along with its guidelines against the latent rigidity of the institutional usage of words turning it into a metaphor for larger structural hierarchies.

The presentation made people experience the feeling of controlled power and its politics, feeling of being dominated and suppressed by others. The audience had to go through the stretch of ‘thinking practice’ method through an alternate route of my non-language by unsettling the whole presentation in two parts, delivered at two different venues over two days.

I continued the non-language commitment to carry through the panel discussion session with the moderators and other panelists, who settled into responding on their own version of non-language at that moment the event became a non-scripted performance.


FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice – Mithu Sen (ACAW 2016)

FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice – Mithu Sen, Day 2 (ACAW 2016)

FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice – Discussion 2, Day 2 (ACAW 2016)