It’s good to be a queen 2006

Bose Pacia, New York

During a few months long stay in New York, the studio-apartment (my residence for the duration of the project) became a spot for strangers/passersby who were warmly welcomed, forming a tactile space along the concurrent dialogue between the guest and the host marking an interactive multi-dimensional sensory experience. It was an attempt to deconstruct the institutional space and question/redefine the imposed etiquettes on hospitality. Hundreds of ‘guests’ (strangers/friends) dropped by, and their gesture of friendship was captured on ‘selfie’ mode before they left.

The entire apartment transformed into an ‘artwork’ on the opening day, containing mundane objects as ‘art’ symbolizing the time spent in the apartment. It also contained drawings and other ‘art’ about desires and finally it contained ephemera Traversing through experiences of extreme hospitality, it touched the limits of self-portrait, also questioning the means of presentation and self-narration of oneself, supported by a redefinition of individuality and authorship.

I went away on the opening night for site seeing on a bus tour of NYC, leaving the personal apartment for the audience- exchanging the ‘body’ of the ‘main space’ (gallery site) into a private space with special notes and instructions. My physical absence at the opening in that ambiguously domestic private space was symbolically filled by thetwo albums of my photos with the people who had been visiting me for the duration of theresidency.