Unhome 2017

Unhome in City IF Angels 2017

18th Streets Art Center, Los Angeles, USA

Explores the idea of virtual space as home and social media as an enabler of human interactions

This project was conceived and (un)executed with an invitation of a 2 months residency, based with a collaborator…..the Social media!
To (un)construct the hospitality exchange, I paired it with the use of social media as the primary medium of my art production.
Expectations here go beyond just reasons and answers…This (un)home is an (un)judgemental space…. not of explaining, making excuses and justifying.
Experience the immateriality, the devoid.
Playing with the tolerance levels of my guests…, touching upon their consumption of hospitality and finally not showing any given format of ‘art’ but an unplanned picnic scenario with a written instruction………………
Creating a similar mental situation, it touches upon the unwelcoming guests, global refugees…the unwelcoming otherness.