Unline , Los Angeles 2017

(un)line | LA | 2017

video (performance)

(Un)line, Los Angeles, 2017

A byproduct of the (un)home project that worked through my ongoing practice of radical hospitality. 

It documents, through a performative drawing, my experience and reaction at The Broad Museum, Los Angeles. It is a byproduct of the larger (Un)home project

For (Un)line, I use a receipt roll, a mundane and ubiquitous motif of the capitalist transaction, as my surface, drawing an uninterrupted line along its 100-meter length. Co-performers monitor the release and recollection of the paper, enacting the oppositional tasks on each end of the roll. My attempt to draw an unbroken line involves a vigilant response to the two opposing forces that control the speed and movement of the surface. Through its physical and temporal length, I abstract my experience of the museum’s alienating environment, from the nature of the artworks on display to the mode of viewing, into a drawing-performance.