(Left Untold) 2016

(Left Untold) 2016

Conceiving Space, Colombo Art Biennale, Sri Lanka

A deconstructed domestic space of borrowed domestic artifacts temporarily migrated from hundreds of homes in Colombo…

Prompted by my self-evolved ideal of the radical hospital, I conceived a site-specific installation of a new ‘home’, a deconstructed usual domestic space of borrowed domestic artifacts, temporarily migrated from several native homes across socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, with no decided parameters of tolerance.
I made an impromptu request to the respective house owners to offer me a beloved art object from their shelf or wall, thus acquiring them along with all the attached residual emotions they encompassed from different living rooms.
As a home decoration, a characteristic of human personality and the dynamics of certain class-based mind-sets, each object has an ensuing story of either provenance or memory, or both. The new home represented a temporal moment and was the consequence of these multiple objects coming together and co-existing, a re-curated space that subverted the personal interpretation of collaborative and contributed ‘art’ of differences of local Colombo households.

This collective sub-culture of everyday honesty reflected people’s curation, collection, responsibility, and aesthetics and perpetuated a new narrative of democratic engagement, a carnival of otherwise impossible togetherness confronted with a renewed setting of a culture placement by an outsider concerned with the nuances of radical hospitality.