Me two 2009

Krinzinger Project, Vienna

Incorporating and copying cropped parts of Austrian artist Egon Schiele’s drawings known for erotic arts,  I juxtaposed my established sensual ‘style’ on them, during my  regular visit to the Egon Schiele’s Museum in Vienna over a period of six weeks.

Each new composition suggested an eerie and humorous resemblance with Schiele’s visual language, but at the same time was presented as a brand-new art work which was almost ironical as well as critical for a show represented by a hosting gallery in the city.

Another room in the same gallery confronted the first room’s display with an audio piece as a confession on the inevitability of over-production of the artworks caused by the market pressure critiquing the primacy and fragility of contemporary art practices. It was in a way to confront artist’s own visual art practice which transformed into a collective confession (for artists and non-artists alike) revealing the anxiety and authenticity of repeating oneself.