Embodied Language 2017

Italy Meets India project, India International Center, Delhi, India

A multi-disciplinary collaboration developed between Italian artist, Andrea Cusumano and myself, with Italian musician Giuseppe Lomeo and Indian musician, Vetri Boopathy, Curated by Eugenio Viola the project aimed at emphasizing the use of non-verbal language as a privileged approach to human communication in order to go beyond issues of incommunicability.

The interactive performance in different languages, that of music, non-language, theatre, and Italian, combined with the organic movement of bodies sought to break the rigid boundaries of communication in the pursuit of building a pure connection among each of the performers. By overthrowing notions of normativity, the project tried an alternative route for self-expression, and transcendence.

The venue, the India International Center, known for being highly bureaucratic and an elite cultural venue, was thereby transformed into a space that welcomed a new path to understanding the differences in cultures and celebrating the formation of a new language.