Freemithu 2007-ongoing

KHOJ International Artist’s Association, Delhi, India

Freemithu is on-going web based interactive project that challenges and critiques the conventions of art world exchange through institutionalized gifting of “free” artworks in global art market.

As Freemithu began to take shape as an event, exhibition, and performance, it went beyond the boundaries of on-line space and individual exchanges. It explores areas of trans-national friendship, politics of gifting, free or conceptual exchange, fragile notions of sincerity, generosity, and probes the meaning of a contemporary market-driven art culture. Many participants sent conventional letters, as the project demanded, ranging from a simple postcard note to detailed, rich, and creative correspondences filled with hours of thoughts and words.

Because of the non-commercial nature of Freemithu, KHOJ was an ideal venue to present this project without the agenda and expectation of a conventional exhibition. And the format of the presentation at Khoj further attests to how radical Freemithu is. The wrapped artworks were given to participants during the event with a request – forbidding them to unwrap it in the public view. The core of what is seen at KHOJ are the traces and essence of the project’s life over the duration of two years – letters collected, photo documentations, me wandering through the exhibition, and the opportunity to continue to interact with me through a blog and a guestbook.